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PRESALE: Globetrotter Bundle

The Globetrotter Bundle is for serious travellers who want the benefits of learning with more accountability, the personalized guidance and care of weekly group coaching, and the support of a community of like-minded friends and travellers who want to inspire each other to see more of the world. 

10 courses | 1 month of coaching | 3 downloadable resources

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Air Mile Bootcamp Bundle

Everything you need to know to be a master of air miles. The Air Mile Bootcamp Bundle includes: 
+ Travelling Sustainably (Free Pre-Requisite) 
+ Air Mile Hacking 101 - Earning Miles
+ Air Mile Hacking 102 - Redeeming Miles
(launching Dec. 2022)
+ Advanced Air Mile Hacking (launching Dec. 2022) 

Travelling Sustainably

The first step in any of my travel hacking programs, this course is a FREE pre-requisite. It will teach you how to make sure your travel impact is net-positive.

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Air Mile Hacking 101 - Earning Miles

This course teaches you how to earn the miles to fly anywhere on earth without paying airfare. You will learn proven, repeatable strategies to amass enough air miles for fare-free international business class flights.

PRESALE: Air Mile Hacking 102 - Redeeming Miles

This course teaches you how to redeem your miles for the Holy Grail of travel: fare-free international business class flights. You will learn a foolproof step-by-step process to find and book the best flights for the lowest number of miles.

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PRESALE: Advanced Air Mile Hacking

This course teaches you expert strategies to supercharge your air mile balances and redeem miles only for the best rates on the best flights. You will learn how expert travel hackers can gross more than a million miles per year, and how to find award space even when there seems to be no award space available.

PRESALE: Free & Discount Lodging

This course will teach you how to use house-sitting websites to stay in luxury homes all over the world for free. You will also learn:
+ How to find work-trade assignments when you're interested in working alongside the locals
+ How to find amazing last minute deals on luxury hotels & resorts
+ How to become an accredited travel agent who can access heavily discounted industry rates

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PRESALE: Travelling with Pets

This course will teach you how to find free pet-sitters so that you can travel without worry, knowing your pets are in good hands. You will also learn the best places to go, the best pet-friendly travel brands, and best practices to implement for all those times when you don't want to leave your pets at home.

PRESALE: Travel Health

This course will teach you how to safeguard your health while travelling in developing countries. You'll learn everything you need to know about food and water safety, preventing mosquito-borne illness, and which medications and immunizations you need to protect yourself in every region of the world.

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PRESALE: Travel Safety

This course will teach you how to save your own ass in case of disaster (from having contingency plans prepared in advance to knowing exactly how to do damage control if the worst case scenario strikes). You'll learn how to fly solo fearlessly, from a woman who's been doing it for 25 years (even before I had any clue how to do it safely!—so you'll get to learn from my mistakes).

PRESALE: Travel Money

This course teaches you how to save up for your travels quickly and efficiently. You'll also learn where the most avid travellers find all that extra money, from renting out their houses while they travel to writing off all of their travel expenses on their taxes.


PRESALE: Travel Planning

When you master the skill of planning, you master travel. It's the gateway to the world! This course teaches you the mindset you need to plan & execute instead of just dreaming. You'll learn how to outline your trips, all the best websites to use as you flesh out the details, and everything you need to know about applying for visas and working remotely.




A la Carte

12 months of access to individual (non-bundled) courses.
+ $199/course for 1+ 
+ $149/course for 3+
+ $99/course for 6+



12 months of access to individual (non-bundled) courses that are coming soon.
+ $179/course for 1+

+ $134/course for 3+

$899 (Pre-Sale)

Globetrotter Bundle

+ 14 months of access to 10 courses and bonus materials ($2000 value)
+ 1 month of weekly group coaching calls (starting in the first week of February 2023)
+ 14 months of access to the private Wanderluxed Facebook Group


Nomad Academy

+ Learn to be location independent in 90 days. 

+ Lifetime access to all 16+ courses and bonus materials ($7000 value)
+ 3 months of weekly group coaching calls
+ Lifetime access to the private Wanderluxed Facebook Group
+ Coming in 2023