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Elevate your travel knowledge

Get the nine best travel hacks for free when you sign up for the Wanderluxed newsletter—we'll send the pdf instantly with your signup confirmation! 

At 32, I was desperate to see the world faster (and fancier). These techniques are the fundamental secrets I've used to visit 60 countries across all seven continents. I've done all this travelling in serious style, but without the posh price tag.

I saved $60,000 on travel expenses in 2022 alone: 

+ I took six international business class flights worth $23,953 in 2022

and paid only $1239.09 in taxes and fees. 

 + I saved over $40k on hotels by house sitting in London, Singapore,

Dallas, and Seattle for 228 nights in 2022. 

Even if you're only going to travel a tenth as much as this in 2023, you can still save thousands of dollars by adapting my strategies to suit your own lifestyle. 

Scroll down and sign up for the Wanderluxed newsletter to get a pdf explaining the nine fundamental travel hacks I use. Once you've subscribed, you'll get more free travel hacks, discounts, and other goodies in your mailbox a few times each month.

Pretty much a win-win. Welcome, wanderers! :)

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