Hello, fellow wanderers! I'm Layne—I'm a writer, a remote people operations director, and a professional vagabond—travelling a lot of the time since 2000, most of the time since 2014,

and full time since the end of 2015.

By "travelling full time," I mean that I don't have a permanent homebase. I have two suitcases (one large and one small), a rucksack, and a handbag. Everything I own fits in one of those vessels and I move every 2-12 weeks. So far I've lived on all seven continents in 51 countries and counting!

Over the years, I've learned how to make good money while I wander, and how to get more bang for every buck. I started Wanderluxed to share my tips and tricks with everyone else who yearns to travel (and prefers not to do it on the cheap).

I publish content multiple times a month on my Instagram and TikTok pages, generally divisible into the following four main categories: 

#travelhacks (for getting around the world in style)
#habitationhacks (for keeping a classy roof over your head whilst you wander)
#moneyhacks (for earning income on the road)
#destinationintel (for local secrets about all the places I visit)

Welcome! And please, don't hesitate to reach out with any feedback,

questions, or suggestions you can think of. I thrive on your input! 


My Travel Map

7 continents | 51 countries

Travel Map_edited_edited.jpg