Online Travel Hacking Courses

Learn to travel like a boss

Travel Hacking Masterclass

The Wanderluxed Travel Hacking Masterclass will show you how to fly (in business class) and stay (in beautiful homes) all over the world for nearly free. You can add on the personalized guidance of weekly group coaching and ALL students get the support of a community of like-minded friends and travelers who want to inspire each other to see more of the world. 

5 courses | 3 downloadable resources | Optional Live Group Coaching (5 Weekly Sessions)

Air Mile Bootcamp Bundle

Everything you need to know to be a master of air miles. The Air Mile Bootcamp Bundle includes: 

+ Travelling Sustainably (Free Pre-Requisite) 
+ Air Mile Hacking 101 – Earning Miles
+ Air Mile Hacking 102 – Redeeming Miles
+ Advanced Air Mile Hacking

Travelling Sustainably

The first step in any of my travel hacking programs, this course is a FREE pre-requisite. It will teach you how to make sure your travel impact is net-positive.

Air Mile Hacking 101 – Earning Miles

This course teaches you how to earn the miles to fly anywhere on earth without paying airfare. You will learn proven, repeatable strategies to amass enough air miles for fare-free international business class flights.

Air Mile Hacking 102 – Redeeming Miles

This course teaches you how to redeem your miles for the Holy Grail of travel: fare-free international business class flights. You will learn a foolproof step-by-step process to find and book the best flights for the lowest number of miles.

Advanced Air Mile Hacking

This course teaches you expert strategies to supercharge your air mile balances and redeem miles only for the best rates on the best flights. You will learn how expert travel hackers can gross more than a million miles per year, and how to find award space even when there seems to be no award space available.

Free & Discount Lodging

This course will teach you how to use house-sitting websites to stay in luxury homes all over the world for free. You will also learn:

+ How to find work-trade assignments when you’re interested in working alongside the locals
+ How to get up to 50% off on luxury hotels & resorts
+ How to get free RV and car rentals in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe


Brenda Oldfield, Retired PE Teacher

Layne has helped me rack up 188,198 air miles with a single credit card! She also helped me get a free stay in San Francisco through Trusted Housesitters.

Most recently, she patiently walked me through the process of finding an award flight to the Bahamas and helped me book it with my air miles. That one round-trip flight would’ve cost me almost a thousand dollars cash, but we got it for less than $70 in air taxes!

I take care of my 88-year-old mom, so I can’t travel very much right now, but the savings have still been substantial. These techniques will work for ANYONE! And that’s true no matter how much you travel.

Ana Dobie, Sales Development

I’m a climber and a seasoned traveler who’s been to 34 countries and worked in 7 countries, including living in China for 6 years.

Despite all of my existing experience, I still learned a ton from Layne in 30 minutes, just by attending one of her talks. She has tried it all and now she knows which travel hacks work, which go the furthest, and which are not worth your time.

Maybe best of all, Layne has figured out not just how to travel as much as you want to, but how to do it in style. (None of that sleeping in train station stuff I subjected too many travel mates to!)

Amy Page, People Operations Director

Layne helped me find and book two lie-flat business class seats to Bali on Singapore Airlines,  and we did it all only a few months in advance.

We used American Express points and the whole process took just a few minutes with her  guidance. Without it, I wouldn’t have known where to look and would have used more than double the points it cost to book the flights!

She made it so easy to learn the steps that I was able to book my next award seat to France all by myself—in business class, of course. Once you try it, you’ll never go back.   

I’m Layne! 👋 I’ve lived on all seven continents in 60 countries and counting. As a result, I’ve accumulated a vast body of knowledge about travelling the world solo, safely, and in style. Now I use my lifetime of inside information to help other travellers plan their most unique and audacious dream trips. 🌍